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Grow your own mushrooms

Mushroom Grow Kits

Trays of fresh mushrooms
Buy Mushroom Family pack: Pink+Grey (2x5kg grow kits)

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Christmas Gifts

Christmas gifts are treated differently. Choose one of these if it's for Xmas!

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Christmas, Birthdays, Mothers & Fathers day

Buying for a gift

Grow kits are the perfect and popular gift.  You can order a LIVING mushroom kit or if you're not sure what to get, a GIFT-VOUCHER.  We have a special process for fulfilling gifts so please read the info in the link below.
More Info - Ordering Gifts
Growing mushrooms: fast, easy & fun

Learn how to grow

We have made mushroom growing easy, fast and fun. We are also dedicated to making everyone a success through our legendary after-sales support. Learn about the benefits of the different varieties and tips on how to grow them.
Learn about the different varietiesLearn how to grow
mushrooms for veagens
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