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The perfect living gift

Give the Gift of Fungi this Christmas

We are accepting Christmas Orders. Supplies are limited so please don't delay


Give the Perfect Living Gift

Mushroom Grow kits make a unique gift that's sure to delight for many months & fascinating for young and old alike.

Perfect for

  • Gardeners & anyone interested in nature or science
  • People who care about their health and wellbeing
  • People on a plant-based diet, like vegans
  • People who are curious or just looking for something a bit different

We are dedicated to making sure the person you gift it to has an awesome experience. They will get our full attention and support.

Grow kit fulfilment process

The timing of 'fruiting' is based on when we make the Mini Farm. This means we make and send them a few days before Christmas.
We send them on NZ Courier's Christmas delivery cut-off date. This way you get it for Christmas, but it will not grow until just after Christmas.

To ensure that the timing works, here is the process.
Using the XMAS-GIFT products. Place your order at any time - but before the 18 Dec cut-off date. These will be treated as a BACKORDER
If you need it before the cut-off date,  let us know in the notes section at checkout.
We'll send by Dec 18. This is NZ Courier's Xmas delivery cut-off date.
We will make the Mini Farm so it's timed to start growing just after Xmas (& before the new year).
These can be bought right up till the last minute

Gift Voucher

christmas gift cardBuy one now!
Schedule the recipient to receive the voucher at a future date, i.e on Xmas day or the day before.
Optionally, you can download, print, present it in person, or send it yourself.
Vouchers will be sent on the date you specify. On Christmas day we will also check to make sure it has been sent.
The recipient can redeem the voucher by entering the gift-code when they place their order at checkout.
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