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680 Muhunoa West Road
Ohau, RD20
Levin, 5570
New Zealand
Brent +64 204 098 5657
Jude +64 204 154 4044


If you require support, before contacting us please use the ChatBot at the bottom of the page. It has an uncanny ability to fix 99,9% of problems. You could also go the old fashioned way and browse the FAQs in the Customer Support section. Most enquiries and support questions are covered there. 
We try to respond to all support issues as quickly as possible. However, we appreciate your patience as we’re a working farm and in a rural location. Often we have poor cell reception and our internet connection can be slow.

Organising a tour

If you would like to arrange a tour please contact Jude. We can only accommodate tours of about 30 people and a minimum of 8. Also note: you will be required to park on the road and walk in. It’s a short walk through the orchard. If you have people with mobility issues we can pick them up from the gate.
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