NZ’s No. 1 Mushroom grow kits (Shiitake and Oyster Mushrooms)

Our little mini-farms (grow kits) are BIG sellers.

This little bag of healthy goodness is fully inoculated and ready to go. We’ve done all the hard work, so you can pretty much just sit back, relax and watch the magic happen. However, here are some tips to help you farm like a pro.

Our grow kits offer the best...

  • economy, for the price our grow kits are much bigger than others, so you’ll harvest more mushrooms
  • Fun: We have purposely underpackaged, so you can see everything that’s happening inside. Fun for kids young and old.
  • Easy: We have done all the hard stuff, so you can just kick-back, relax and watch the mushrooms grow
  • Support: We pride ourselves on our customer care. Jude and I are more concerned that you have an awesome experience rather than making a quick sale. You’ll see that our reviews on FB and Google reflect this. So, even though we’ve made mushroom growing as easy as possible, sometimes things happen. Or, you may just need a little reassurance that you’re doing the right thing. We’re here to help.
What size grow kit should I get?
Bag size or rather its weight will influence overall yield. It’s hard to predict (in grams) what this will be in your growing environment so we have based it on our patented hunger index:
  • 5kg grow kit will provide plenty for a couple of BIG mushroom lovers, Plant-based eaters, or small family
  • 4kg grow kit is good for a hungry couple, or a single mushroom lover or a plant-based eater.
  • 3kg grow kit is good for a single person, a couple of occasional mushroom eaters.

Whatever size grow kit you choose, we have tried to price it so that your yield works out at about $28 per kilo of fresh mushrooms. If you are a keen farmer you will do even better. This compares to a well-known supermarket that sells old and tired mushrooms for about $80 per kilo.

While the mini-farm is “incubating” it’s easy to ship and should start fruiting about two weeks or so after you receive it.

Service and guarantee

We are committed to providing you with the best possible experience to create the best possible outcome in your mini-farm grow.

  • We will email you the FAQ grow guide
  • You will receive emails with tips and an explanation of what to do that are timed to arrive at the key stages of the grow.
  • You can contact us anytime for friendly advice.
  • In the very unlikely event, something goes horribly wrong, we will send you another grow kit.
What variety should I get?

If you have not tried these before, here’s a brief description.

The Oysters
Phoenix (Grey) Oyster Mushroom

These are the easiest to cook. I usually tell people that you can use them in any dish that you would do chicken, and cook it in a similar way. So is a great vegetarian or vegan staple. If you are a meat-eater, it pairs very well with white meats including fish. The texture is not “spongy” like a field mushroom as it is more fleshy.

Pink Oyster Mushroom

These have a stronger umami flavour and a more textured or meaty mouth-feel. The flavour is not for everyone, but most of our customers love it and prefer nothing else. It is an exceedingly playful ingredient in the kitchen, it works well in curries, a fantastic topping for pasta dishes, and our favorite in tacos.  Tip: fry it as one would do bacon, where it has similar crisp and a slightly smokey or earthy flavour.

The Shiitake

These are for the mushroom connoisseur popular amongst fungi aficionados. These are what the word Umami was invented for. This they take much longer to grow that Oyster, but we have a method that has speed up the process of grow to plate. They are more technical than the Oyster family to grow so suggest you read the info in the link below.

Grey (Pheonix Oyster)

Pink Oyster


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