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Easy, Fun and cheap to grow

NZ’s No. 1 Mushroom grow kits (Shiitake and Oyster Mushrooms)

prices range from $30 to $50

Kick Start your mushroom adventure


We have purposely under packaged, so you can see everything happening inside. Fun for kids young & old


For the price, our grow kits are bigger than others, so you’ll harvest more mushrooms


We have done all the hard stuff, so you can just kick-back, relax and watch the mushrooms grow


Mushrooms will be growing about 2 to 3 weeks after delivery. Once they start, they are ready in 5 days

What variety should I get?

If you have not tried these before, here’s a brief description.
Grey Oyster Mushrooms

Grey Oyster Mushroom

These are the easiest to grow and cook. We often say that you can use them in any dish that one would use chicken, and cook it in a similar way. It's a great vegetarian or vegan staple. If you are a meat-eater, it pairs very well with white meats including fish. The texture is not “spongy” like a field mushroom as it is more fleshy.

Grey Oyster Mushroom Info
Pink Oyster Mushrooms

Pink Oyster Mushroom

These are easiest to grow over summer but will gow in winter with a bit of care. They have wonderful umami flavour and a very meaty texture.. It is a playful ingredient in the kitchen, it works well in curries, is a fantastic topping for pasta dishes, and is our favourite in tacos. Tip: fry it as one would do bacon, where it has similar crisp and a slightly smokey or earthy flavour.
Pink Oyster Mushroom Info
Shiitake mushrooms

The Shiitake

These are more technical to grow but a favourite for the mushroom connoisseur & popular amongst fungi aficionados. They are what the word Umami was invented for. Shiitake take much longer to grow than oysters, but we have a method that has sped up the process. They are more technical than the Oyster family to grow so we suggest you read the info in the link below. Due to demand we often have a wait list.
Shiitake Info

New to Mushroom Growing? Learn Here

These FAQ's cover general questions for people new to growing. Please see the individual page for questions specific to each variety. If you are already growing, see our in-depth mushroom grow guide

What is the yield? What size grow kit should I get?

The bag size (weight) will influence the yield. The general rule of thumb:  you should get about half the bag's weight in mushrooms.
Over the life of the mushroom bag, estimates are:
  • 3kg - Good for a single person, or a couple of occasional mushroom eaters. About 1.5kg
  • 4kg - a couple, or a single person on a plant-based diet. About 2kg
  • 5kg -  household of 4 or a couple on a plant-based diet. About 2.5kg

If you care for the grow kit, you should get more. See our guides on how to do this.

How long will the grow kit last?

With minimal care, the grow kit should last about 6-8 weeks and give 3 flushes (harvests). With care, basically soaking it in a bucket of water, it can last over 6 months and give many flushes.

Our focus is on our customer's experience, so we're here to help get the maximum potential from each bag. 

Are the mushrooms easy to grow?

With our kits, everything is done, so there is nothing to do until the mushrooms start to grow.

When they do grow, care is required for the 5  days that the mushrooms are actually growing.  

At its simplest and in ideal conditions, the only equipment you need is a spray bottle, and your only job is to mist them frequently when they are growing.

Do mushrooms grow in the dark?

Short answer: Nope! In nature, these mushrooms grow on trees in the deep shade of the forest. So, inside light is about right. They are okay with a little sun, but be careful not to let this dry them out. Interestingly the UV in sunlight will help them produce vitamin D in a similar way our body does.

However, they do not need light to grow (as a plant does) so they are okay without light.

What are the Oyster Mushrooms grown on?

  • We use certified organic Pine sawdust with a little Soy as nutrition plus rainwater
  • No nasty chemicals are used in production, no sprays, or herbicides.
  • Our products are 100% NZ made. Everything is made and grown on our permaculture farm in Horowhenua

Do you have a guarantee?

If the grow kit fails due to a problem on our part, we will replace it free of charge.

We are a small company but have BIG customer care. We're 100% committed to providing you with the best possible experience.

  • You will receive emails with tips and an explanation of what to do. These are timed to arrive at the key stages of the grow.
  • See our comprehensive grow guides, faqs and tips in the support section of our website.

Do you ship to my location?

We can only ship within NZ and the Chathams Islands.


  • North Island: Generally a next day service and 2-3 days rural.
  • South Island: We use the Economy service. This is usually 2 days to metro areas, 3 days regional, and 4-5 days rural. 
  • We do not charge extra for rural deliveries.

Shipping cost

We are aware that the price of shipping is steep. However, these are heavy items, so the shipping cost reflects this. We pass on the straight cost of shipping and in many cases, we are subsidising the rate in an effort to keep the overall cost reasonable. NZ Post has presently increased shipping by 7% this extra charge we have not passed on.


  • For products in stock, we usually despatch orders the following day.
  • For backorder there may be several days delay as well will make the bag to order, based on the availability of the 'spawn' to make the mini-farm.


  • You can pick it up from the farm gate or from the market. This option will only display as a shipping option if you select the wellington region as an address. Any special pickup instructions (like the market and date) please put them into the notes section at checkout. Here is a list of the markets.
We pride ourselves on our customer care. 

We are more concerned that you have an awesome experience than making a quick sale. 

See our 5-star reviews on FB & Google.
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