We now offer fresh Turkey Tail (Trametes versicolor) in limited quantities. One tray is about 80g. This is a traditional Chinese medicine so manly used as a health supplement.

On receiving, we recommend drying these on a windowsill, in the sun, for a few days. When it’s dry use a coffee grinder to create a fine powder. Use a teaspoon in a small pot/teapot and simmer for a few minutes, then leave it to draw. You should be able to reuse this “brew” several times until you notice the flavor diminish. By the way, it has a lovely mushroom flavour, so it’s a little more like a mushroom broth than a tea.

We grow our Turkey Tail in very controlled conditions, starting in our Laboratory Cleanroom, through to environmentally controlled grow rooms. At all stages, we replicate nature to ensure that our process is as natural as possible, to ensure you’re getting a high-quality product. This includes using organic wood as a substrate.

We have had a lot of demand for Turkey Tail, but sadly this is often from people suffering from cancer. These are often people who have knowledge of Turkey Tail’s effectiveness in several clinical trials. Here are some links to more information.