The call me the Mushroom Man, I developed Mycobio in March 2018, in order to transition away from the madness of the corporate world and build something ecological and sustainability-focused.  I love working on the farm and getting my hands’ dirty. Ofically my role is focused in the ‘clean-room’ growing cultures, drinking coffee and talking to mushrooms.

Phone: +64 204 098 5657

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what people say about us

This farm is amazing! Buyers and potential farmers can find tons of useful information and get a professional advice from mushroom farming experts! Well done.

Nick Jackson

I enjoyed learning about mushrrom farming and different kinds of this wonderful product! Thank you for quality time and delicious recipes! I wish to start a farm!

Julia Moore

A perfect combination of exotic sophisticated species and expert farming technologies allowing us to try some of the finest mushrooms in the county. Delicious!

Nathan Smith
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