Pink+Grey: 10kg Family Pack

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Looking for a steady supply of healthy homegrown protein? then the family pack is for you.

Oyster mushrooms are the ultimate food: high in protein, vitamins & minerals, plus they are scientifically proven to boost the immune system. Even better, they are simple, fast and easy to grow.

For a steady and reliable supply of mushrooms, we have created this family pack, consisting of two 5kg mini-farms. One Gray and one Pink. This way you will have a lot of options and variety on what you can serve the family. Hint: you can fry the Pinks to have crunch and taste similar to bacon. We also have recipes on our website or you can have a look at more on flipboard.

We ship our mini-farms all over NZ using NZ Post. After you receive it, they should start fruiting in about 10 to 14 days. Once it starts fruiting they grow super quick, only taking about 4 days till you’ll be harvesting. They should then start fruiting again in about 2 weeks and do so at least 3 times (so, over a 6 to 8 week period). We will send tips on how to grow and to keep it going for longer: for instance, by simply soaking it in a bucket of water you can extend it’s like for months.

To space out your harvesting, we will stagger the making of the bags so that the should not be fruiting at the same time. This way you will have a fairly consistent supply. They also stay fairly fresh, for about 7 days, if you store them in a brown paper bag in the refrigerator. We will supply you with the same type of bag we use.

Note: we carry a limited inventory which is ready to ship, but we may need to make your mini-farm after receiving you order. This may take a couple of days. For NI we ship as next day, and SI second day (to keep shipping cost down). 

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