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November 11, 2019

Our policy on plastic

We see ourselves as custodians of our own waste. What plastic we can't recycle we melt down and extrude into bricks that we can use around the farm.

We are looking for alternatives for the plastic we use in our grow bags, but as yet we have not found one. So, in the meantime, we try to make the most ethical and sustainable way to manage this problem as possible.

Our approach fits our permaculture philosophy, where we try and turn a problem (or output) from one thing and turn it into a solution (an input) to another. In this case, we melt our plastic and extrude it into new things. In this case, into plastic bricks that we use around the garden.

If you have bought one of our mini-farms and are not sure what to do with the plastic please SEND IT TO US. We will ensure that it is disposed of ethically.

By recycling our plastics to make things, we keep our plastic on our property, This way we are in a sense guardians over our trash. At some time in the future, we may find an alternative or technology that may allow us to recycle it even more efficiently. We are following the research into plastic-eating mycelium with great interest.

In general, we manage all trash or rubbish on our property as efficiently as possible. This starts with making very considered decisions on what we purchase based on packaging and the potential for difficult to recyclable material. So far we have managed to keep our unrecyclable waste across our business and lifestyle, down to half a household rubbish sack per month. Not perfect but we are working on it.

For the record, as people have asked - this plastic is not single use plastic shopping bags which is banned

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November 28, 2020
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