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Although the mushrooms are not growing yet, your Mini Mushroom farm should be showing signs of life. You may be noticed the mycelium starting to get denser, and possibly it’s starting to thicken around the air holes.

NOTE: In summer, it may start pinning as soon as 2 weeks, but in winter it may take up to 4.

Mist, and mist again.

Once it starts pinning (the baby mushrooms forming), you may need to act quickly to ensure the air is humid enough. This is less of an issue at most times of the year, as relative humidity will be high enough to maintain growth. However, if your environment is dry, you may not know this until it’s too late …so err on the side of caution and over-do the misting, especially in the first 48 hours. For customers who have had difficulty, it’s at this stage, and it’s really disappointing to see a lovely amount of growth start, and then stop and dry out.

So, keep a closer eye on it, and although it hasn’t started ‘pinning’ you may want to increase the humidity by misting it with a spray bottle of tap water. You can’t overdo it.


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