Our farm is located in Ohau, just a kew clicks south of Levin (New Zealand). Our current setup allows us to grow about 50kg of fresh mushrooms a week.

In addition to Mushroom growing, we are designing our 3 hectare farm around permaculture principles.

We welcome people during weekdays, just give us a call before setting out. We usually have fresh mushrooms and mini-farms for sale, and if you would like a tour, plan for about 40 minutes.

The ‘grow’
  • This is where the mushrooms finally fruit and consists of two 20 foot insulated ‘reefer’ containers. Here the mushroom’s need a fairly constant temperature and high humidity. The insulated shipping containers, lined in stainless steel, and with 100mm insulation, offer a perfect environment.
The  Lab
  • This consists of a clean-room, a positively pressurised tent, which uses several HEPA filters to scrub the air. The other half of the lab is where we sterilize and store cultures used for inoculation.
Inoculation/Incubation area
  • This is an extension of the lab and where we make bulk substrate, inoculate it with cultures and where the ‘bags’ incubate. Usually, this takes about 10 days before the bag starts pinning and is taken down to the grow.

Here are some photos of the different areas

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Covid-19Update on ordering during threat level 4

We are categorised as an essential service so able to continue our operations on the farm. NZ Post, as an essential service, will still make deliveries of food. Therefore we expect to be able to fulfil orders, for the time being, Please watch this space.