Oyster Mushroom Kimchi Hospitality bulk packFermented Mushrooms Kimchi styleKimchi made from Pink Oyster Mushrooms
  • Oyster Mushroom Kimchi Hospitality bulk pack
  • Fermented Mushrooms Kimchi style
  • Kimchi made from Pink Oyster Mushrooms

Wholesale Oyster Mushroom Kimchi (2.5kg caterers pack)


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Silver Medal

2024 Outstanding Food Producers Award

“Judges loved the idea of mushrooms in a Kimchi. The balance of flavours is excellent. Liked the creaminess of the Kimchi with a good aftertaste. Very innovative product could be a gold medal with a little tweaking.”

A world-first, combining Oyster Mushrooms with the famous Korean kimchi fermentation process. It has just the right amount of spiciness for a nice kick, plus a firm fleshy texture. A dollop will turn any meal from ho-hum to OMG AWESOME!

For catering, bulk Oyster Mushroom Kimchi in a vacuum-sealed 2.5kg bag.

Elevate any dish from great to OGM! awesome by simply adding a dollop. Great for burgers, and sandwiches or add to a steak or a salad. Adds zing, texture and flavour to the meal, and a menu standout that will sure to earn reviews. This product is vegan and gluten-free.

The mushrooms are grown on our small permaculture farm in Ohau using sustainable and ethical practices to grow and make. This makes our kimchi both planet and body-friendly. We use only plant-based ingredients plus GF Soy & rice flour so it’s vegan and gluten-free. Note: no cabbages are harmed in the making of our kimchi!

  • Wholesale price is $50 per kg  (inclusive of GST), compared to $66 retail.
  • We ship via overnight NI and 2nd-day SI.
  • The product is shelf-stable, so does not require refrigerated transportation. We recommend that you refrigerate on arrival.
  • Our kimchi contains live cultures that produce carbon dioxide gas. Please check the bag daily as it may swell and burst.

MPI food registration MPI007842


100% Sustainable

100% Natural

100% Ethical

A 100% Plant Based Superfood


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