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Raw Comb Honey


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Straight out of our hives and packed for you, our Ohau Gourmet raw comb honey is “light with a fresh floral burst”, as described by Jude’s Mum. Our bees source nectar from the flowers on our farm, which are primarily from native trees.

Is honeycomb good for you?

The real advantage of honeycomb is not just the untouched raw honey in the comb, but the actual comb itself. The wax cells are not only edible, they are more nutritious than the honey itself, containing a natural antibiotic, large amounts of propolis and pollen, and even some residual royal jelly.

How do I use honeycomb?

There’s nothing more delicious than fresh raw comb honey spread on fresh bread. It’s also great on toast.

Is the beeswax edible?

The wax is edible and has its own health benefits

Storage and shelf-life

Honey has a long shelf life, however, it may crystalise over time or if stored in a refrigerator. For long-term storage, it freezes well and will not crystallise.

100% Sustainable

100% Natural

100% Ethical

A 100% Plant Based Superfood

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