Pink Oyster Mushroom grow kit - 2kgPink oyster Mushroom Grow KitPink Oyster Mushroom Grow KitGrow Kit. Learn how and Oyster Mushroom and Shiitake mushroomsmushrooms for veagensgrowing mushrooms
  • Pink Oyster Mushroom grow kit - 2kg
  • Pink oyster Mushroom Grow Kit
  • Pink Oyster Mushroom Grow Kit
  • Grow Kit. Learn how and Oyster Mushroom and Shiitake mushrooms
  • mushrooms for veagens
  • growing mushrooms

Pink Oyster Mushroom Grow Kit


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The Pink Oyster Mushroom is easy to grow.  In less than 3 weeks you could be harvesting your own mushrooms! No special tools or skills are required. We provide full instructions and guarantee them against defects.

It has an awesome flavour and texture and is preferred by people on a plant-based diet and by foodies.

Size options

  • 3kg Pink Oyster Mushroom grow kit is great for singles or a couple of occasional mushroom lovers.
  • 4kg Pink Oyster grow kit is ideal for a hungry couple or a single veracious mushroom lover.
  • 5kg Pink Mushroom grow kit will provide plenty of meals for a couple of BIG mushroom eaters/Vegans or a small family. This size kit is the gift that keeps on giving and will grow year-round.

Our grow kits offer the best...

  • Economy. For the price our grow kits are much bigger than others, so you’ll harvest more mushrooms
  • Fun. We have purposely underpackaged, so you can see everything that’s happening inside. Fun for kids young and old.
  • Ease. We have done all the hard stuff. Just kick back, relax and watch the mushrooms grow!
  • Support. We pride ourselves on our customer care. Jude and I are committed that you have an awesome experience growing mushrooms. You’ll see that our reviews on FB and Google reflect this. Although we’ve made mushroom growing as easy as possible, sometimes things happen. Or, you may just need reassurance that you’re doing the right thing. We’re always here to help.

This grow kit is alive and fully-colonised with the Pink Oyster (Pleurotus djamor) mushroom.

For information on how to grow, see the mushroom learning area


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