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  • Make your own Oyster Mushroom DIY kit
  • Pink Oyster Mushroom Grow Kit

DIY Oyster Mushroom grow kit


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If you would like to make one yourself, we have made it easy using this kit. All the ingredients required are included (including the live mushroom culture (Spawn). All you need to provide is a suitable mixing container and water.


1 x Wood pellets

1 x Soy hull pellets

1x Small packet of Lime

1 x Oyster mushroom grain spawn

1 x Grow bag (used as packaging)

1 x DIY instruction sheet

1 x Oyster Mushroom grow guide


Note: Open the bag carefully. You will use this later to make the grow bag itself.

Important: The Spawn has a use-by date please check it and use it before that date.


• Put 2.5 litres of tap water in a suitable container. A 10 litre systema container or large bucket. Tap water is fine, chlorine or other additives will not affect the mushrooms at all.

• Make sure your work area and equipment is clean. There is a very small risk of mould or other contamination. If this occurs please see our website for what to do.

Mix the Substrate

1. Add the Lime to the water and mix gently. Wear gloves & protect eyes from splashes.

2. Add and mix the Soy hull pellets. Cover and soak for 10min. 

3. Add the Pine pellets and mix thoroughly. Cover and let sit for another 20 min.

4. Add the Grain spawn and mix. Scrunch up the mixture within the bag to break down any large chunks. Aim for an even distribution of the spawn within the mix.

Pack the bag

• Use a trowel or something suitable to put the mixture into the grow bag.

• Pack the mix down as tightly as possible. Tie a knot on the top of the bag. Try to leave as little air gap as possible.

Make air holes

• With a sharp pencil or similar, puncture holes in a grid pattern on the outside of the bag. Make 5 columns of 4 evenly spaced holes on the sides of the bag. Then one near both the top and bottom.

Growing the mushrooms

Refer to the Oyster Mushroom Grow Guide for instructions on how to grow. 

You may want to write the date it was made on the side of the bag to remind you when to start looking for ‘pinning’.

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