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  • Bulbs of Black Garlic
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Black Garlic


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We slow-roast NZ garlic bulbs to create delicious Black Garlic. It’s an incredible experience just to eat a clove or two on its own, or use it as a replacement for regular garlic. The special process we use has changed the garlic to become soft & chewy and to develop a sweet umami flavour with notes of chocolate or coffee.  It’s like candy for grown-ups! See more in the tasting notes below

We sell it as bulbs, with three bulbs per pack.

What is black garlic?

Black garlic is fresh garlic that has undergone a Maillard reaction, a caramelisation-like process, this is done by slow roasting. This reaction turns the cloves into soft, black, slightly sweet and sticky mouth-bombs!

The Maillard reaction is not a fermentation process, as the temperature is too high for bacteria or yeast to do their thing; rather, it is an ageing process using enzymes naturally present in the garlic. This reaction is a complex chemical interaction that occurs during the heating process between amino acids and complex carbohydrates. Note the temperatures of the roasting are too low to cook the garlic, so it is still considered raw. So, it maintains all the health properties of raw garlic.

Tasting Notes

What does black garlic taste like?

The process produces a strong umami flavour similar to tamarind or rich balsamic vinegar, yet with a sweetness that resembles rich molasses. It also develops complex flavours with hints of chocolate, citrus and coffee. These flavours work across the pallet like a bold red wine or 98% cacao. Much of the strong garlic flavour is mellowed out and doesn’t leave you with massive garlic breath.

The texture is soft and sticky which makes it easily spreadable.

It’s like candy for grown-ups!

How do I use black garlic?

It’s delicious just eating a clove or two on its own as a healthy treat or used anywhere you might use fresh garlic, like Pasta dishes, risotto or on a pizza.

  • Salad dressing: Puree peeled cloves with olive oil, white wine vinegar, black pepper, lemon juice, and a dash of soy sauce in a vinaigrette salad dressing.
  • Roasted: Roast garlic heads with meat and vegetables. Crispy black garlic pairs well with roasted chicken.
  • Stews and casseroles: Add it to stews, casseroles, and even risotto to add a subtly sweet, umami flavour.
  • Stir fry dishes: Add some to your stir fry or sprinkle some on top of ramen.
  • As a main course garnish, sprinkle minced black garlic on grilled or steamed vegetables, grilled fish or meat for an umami boost.
  • Condiments: Add it to condiments like mustard or aioli. Given the time required to prepare black garlic, take care not to overpower it with other flavours.
  • Or simply mash it into potatoes.
  • Some chefs have even used it as Ice Cream flavouring! Here’s a recipe.

Is black garlic good for you?

  • Black garlic has a high concentration of antioxidants, and some studies suggest that it may have even more than regular garlic.
  • It’s also slightly higher in calories, fat, and fibre, as well as sodium and iron, and slightly lower in carbohydrates and vitamin C when compared to fresh garlic.
  • Like fresh raw garlic, it can help to regulate blood sugar levels.

Storage and shelf life

This should be treated as a fresh product. We recommend refrigerating it to maximize freshness.

  • If refrigerated it will be good for about 3 months.
  • If stored at room temperature it should be good for about 3-4 weeks.
  • You can also freeze it, where it should be good for over 1 year. Separated the build into individual cloves, left in their skins. Wrapped in air-tight plastic bags.

Beyond these date ranges, it should still be okay to eat but the quality of the product may have deteriorated.

Please note the best-by date on the package.

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