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A light Asian-inspired meal full of flavour and crispy freshness. Perfect for a lunch or entree.

A staple dish in our house, this recipe is perfect for a meatless meal.  Due to the firm texture of oyster mushrooms, and their absorption of other flavours, they work really well in Asian dishes. You can also swap red for green and use a green curry paste and green chillies if you wish.  Serve on steamed rice.

This recipe is simple, fast and so delicious we’re sure you will end up craving a second batch. You can use either Pink and/or grey oyster mushrooms. We find that the Pink, with its firm texture and slightly stronger flavour, tends to work especially well. We go the lazy way and buy a tempura batter mix from the supermarket (the Fog Dog brand is a good one), but you can make it using your own recipe.

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