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November 3, 2023

Introducing our OGM! Mushroom-driven food products

Our mushroom-driven food products are healthy and packed with flavour... using ingredients you will not find in a supermarket. They are also animal and planet-friendly, made in a sustainable way using natural processes and ingredients.

OGM! is all about flavours. Rich deep and complex umami-driven flavours, through to hot and spicy. We are also about texture and mouthfeel and of course aroma. We aim to make food with substance, food that has a full sensory experience, amazingly healthy & nutritious and a minimally processed (whole food) meat alternative.

2023 marked an exciting and pivotal year in our journey to create a sustainable, ethical & healthy business and lifestyle. Early this year we decided to extend the mushroom-growing activity by focusing on food production. Our aim is to use fermentation and other natural processes to extend the health & nutritional benefits of the already massively healthy foods we grow. Et voila OGM! was born.

We are now well underway. We have built a commercial kitchen having jumped through all the MPI hoops for compliance. In many ways, this kitchen is more an extension of our lab (and our experience in mycology) than a kitchen. Instead of cooking and ultra-processing, we are using natural processes like microbes and good bugs to work their magic for us. We have now unleashed new and exciting flavours onto the unsuspecting yet discerning foodies.

These are small-batch productions, so availability will be limited to what we can grow on our farm and produce from our small kitchen. Many are also seasonally based. We know that we cannot produce enough volume to feed the planet, so have focused our production on people that appreciate high-quality food packed to the gunnel with health and flavour.

Kimchi made from Pink Oyster Mushrooms

Pink Oyster Mushroom Kimchi

As far as we are aware this is a world first. It is bringing two Korean staples: the Oyster mushroom with the traditional Kimchi fermentation process. The aim of our kimchi is for it to be a meat replacement, so we have used the Pink Oyster Mushroom for its firm fleshy texture. It also has a similar nutritional profile as meats. It is full of flavour and fairly spicy. (We did not want to punch the heat down for those who would not appreciate it anyway!)

Oyster Mushroom Pickle

Made from the Grey Oyster Mushroom plus Lemon juice and Thyme. This has a delicate and fresh flavour that complements the spicy Kimchi. The mushrooms have a slightly sweet flavour that balances out the lemon & vinegar, with the thyme giving it good depth and aroma. From a health standpoint, we are reformulating our recipe to use Calcium Chloride instead of Sodium Chloride (aka salt) to reduce the sodium content.

Pickled Oyster Mushrooms
inside Black Garlic - cut in half

Black Garlic

We are huge fans of umami, and Black Garlic has it by the bucket load. It’s a natural extension to our mushroom flavours and it has many of its own health claims. We make this as whole bulbs (so it is relatively unprocessed) and love how each batch will be slightly different: with coffee, chocolate or citrus notes to the deep savoury yet sweet caramel wonder. It has to be tasted to be experienced! Each bite is like a wine tasting and like candy for grown-ups! You’ll be hooked.

Fermented Yacon & Yuzu + Nori

We are very excited about our latest product. Not only does it appear to be another first to market, but a no-brainer from a health perspective. It’s also a gourmet delight with a fresh & crisp texture and clean bite, with just a little fresh chilli for a kick. This aromatic ferment celebrates ingredients gathered and preserved at the peak of their season. Yuzu peel in early winter, Thai chiles in late summer, and the Yacon harvested mid-winter. The Yacon is from our small farm in Ohau, and the Yuzu and chillies other from small growers who are in our region. This is a seasonal product so available mainly during winter & spring.

Fermented Yacon and Yuzu
hot quince with cinnamon

Our Hot Ferment Quince

A novel ferment that has a fresh & firm texture and is packed with gut-healthy fibre. The aromatic qualities & tartness of the quince shine through. The cinnamon & pepper add a delicate punch, that does not overwhelm and complements the Quince in a most delectable way. It is a well-balanced ferment with a rich array of delicate flavours and texture. This means it plays well with either sweet or savoury dishes.

The texture is a firm sticky paste so is easily spreadable or used on food. Either ladle with a teaspoon or spread with a knife.

Oyster Mushroom Risotto

A healthy, ultra-low-processed meal using quality ingredients you won’t find in a supermarket. Just add water! (serves 4)

This Risotto uses Oyster Mushrooms that we grow on our permaculture farm in Ohau. It also uses Black Garlic that we make. These culinary stars work well together for an incredible aroma, taste and creamy texture. The black garlic adds a stunning dark colour plus an incredible Unami yet sweet flavour that complements the Oyster Mushrooms perfectly.

Everything you need comes in the pack, but feel free to embellish it with additional fresh mushrooms. We recommend adding butter & Parmesan (or butter & Angel Food Parmesan) as you finish it, to add a more delectable & creamy texture.

Oyster Mushroom Risotto with black garlic

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