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The Pink Oyster Mushroom

  • The Pink Oyster mushrooms are native to South East Asia, and so are tropical mushrooms. Interestingly, I have not met anyone from that region that knows about them.
  • The only region (or cuisine) that I've come across that knows about them is Mexico. Here they are used as a premier meat alternative, especially in tacos. They pair with Mexican spices beautifully.
  • They are named for their vibrant pink colour, with their scientific name the beautiful sounding Pleurotus djamor.
  • Their colour is intensely pink when raw, but changes to a golden yellow when it starts to cook. It then takes on an orange-brown colour when fully cooked.

How do I Grow Pink Oyster Mushrooms?

Pink Oyster mushrooms are perfect for growing at home, especially in the summer. They grow very quickly often fruiting 2-3 weeks after the bag is made. They can be heavy "fruiters", growing many mushrooms during each flush. If looked after, it will last many months. 

  • Pinks are an 'indoor' grow, similar to a tropical house plant.
  • When it is dormant (which is most of the time), it just needs to be in a spot that is not dry. The temperature should be one that you would find comfortable.
  • While fruiting, which only takes 4-5 days, it will need more care. It needs high humidity and fresh air. 
  • Many people successfully grow them on a kitchen bench, in glasshouses, sheds, and garages.  
Quick Tips
  • Difficulty: Easy, beginner
  • Yield: About half a kilo per kilo of substrate
  • Temperature: between 20-27 degrees.
  • Humidity: high. Above 85% relative humidity (when mushrooms are growing). Rule of thumb, if it's a spot where damp laundry would easily dry, this will be a problem.
  • Inside: Preferably in the bathroom, but the kitchen may be ok. Not in bedrooms or living spaces.
  • Outside: We generally don't recommend outside, except if trying to trigger pinning.
Detailed Grow Guides

How do I cook Pink Oyster mushrooms?

  • For first-time users, we recommend shallow frying at a high temperature. This will achieve their famous "balcony" crispy texture and flavour.
  • In most cases, prepare the mushroom by frying it, then add it back into the dish. For instance, in a stirfry, fry it when you add ginger, etc. Then, remove it, and add it on top before serving.
  • Like the greys, this mushroom pairs very well with white meats. Try it with fish, it is delicious!
  • For those on a plant-based diet, the unique texture and flavour work well as a meat substitute. It retains an incredible mouthfeel and rich umami flavours and nutrition. 
  • We love this mushroom on tacos. It also works well with spicy food. It's also fantastic as mushroom tempura.
  • This mushroom works well raw. Try it in a salad, or marinate ceviche style.

What is the Flavour & Texture of Pink Oyster mushrooms?

  • With its unique flavour and texture, the Pink Oyster mushroom is exciting and playful in the kitchen.
  • For those on a plant-based diet, the texture of this mushroom can be manipulated by cooking. If it is undercooked, or simmered in a stir fry, it will have a chewy/meaty mouthfeel. If fried they will go crispy.
  • We recommend ageing the fresh mushrooms for a few days before using them. It's a bit like ageing a fine cheese. It will take on a strong odour, but the flavour and ability to control the texture are extraordinary. The pungent aroma will go away during cooking.
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