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Mini Mushroom Farm - simple grow Instructions
Here's the very simple guide on how to be a successful mini mushroom farmer. For more info on mini-farm options and detailed instructions, click the link below.

Check for air holes

In most cases we will have put holes in the bag. If it hasn’t, contact us for instructions.


The secret to good mushrooms is high humidity. So, mist, and MIST again. You really can’t overdo it. But… (click link)

Place the farm in the ideal location

The best location is INDOORS in any location that is naturally humid, or you can easily keep moist. A bathroom or laundry is perfect. It...

Watch your mushrooms grow!

Your tiny-farm is a fast grower. After about 10 to 14 days of receiving the bag, you should see the baby mushrooms emerging. During winter in may...

Give your mini farm plenty of air

Another secret for success is making sure your mushrooms get plenty of O2 (as in oxygen). If CO2 starts building up, say if its in a fairly...

Harvest, eat, and enjoy!

It takes about 4 days from the baby mushrooms first appearing, to be ready for harvest. When they look ready PICK! Simply pluck or use a sharp...