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Mushrooms need high humidity to grow. This is why many mushrooms can grow only at certain times of the year, and for only a short period of time. However, both the Oysters and Shiitake can be successfully grown all year round, if you can manage your humidity. The easiest way you can do this is by misting, and/or putting it into a naturally humid environment (like inside your shower stall). If in doubt, do both.

  • You do not need to mist it UNTIL the baby mushrooms start growing. The water it needs is already inside the bag… unless the substrate has dried out (see post-harvest care for more information).
  • After you receive the bag, keep a close eye on it because you’ll need to mist like a crazy person as soon as the mushrooms start to grow (pin). The first 8 hours are very important. If it starts during the night and it’s in a bad spot, or you fail to get to it in time: it may stall. This is most true for the Pinks. This means they will not bother to grow and will wait till more favorable conditions. See post-harvest care for what to do if this happens, as you will need to clear the air holes.
  • There is no easy or right answer as to how often to mist. This will be dependant on many variables unique to your environment. However a good rule of thumb, and until you are comfortable with how they are behaving (in other words, your ability in hearing what they are telling you), mist as often as you possibly can. 6 or 8 times a day may not be sufficient for the location you have put it. I have yet to hear from any of our customers who over missing, but many who have failed by underdoing it.
  1. Use a Misting bottle. You can buy one at the supermarket.
  2. Tap water is absolutely fine (Chlorine is not a problem for them).
  3. Misting/Humidity is more important than temperature.
  4. Drafts, air conditioning/heat pumps (anywhere in the house) will dry them out.


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