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We sincerely hope your mini-farm is doing great and has been the talking point of many delicious meals. We usually tell people that their mini-farm is good for about 6-8 weeks – without any care; but if you have been looking after it, it should still have plenty of life left. However, expect the yield to go down as it gets older.

Growing old

Mushrooms do not age as we or animals do, due to time. It’s more a case of it running out of water (which you can control) or nutrition (which is in the bag) … and we’ve given it plenty. If you care for it it should still have many months of mushroom growing potential.

Not gone as expected

During mid-winter and mid-summer, some home environments may cause the mini-farm to go dormant. In this case, it may go 6 weeks, or more, between flushes. If this has happened we have more hints and tips in this link. Not growing as expected


When it’s time to ‘retire’ it, we find it makes great mulch in the garden. If you break it up into largish chunks and put it under some low plants for shade (pumpkin vines are perfect), it may still produce mushrooms for quite some time. You can also compost it,

Recycle the plastic

When it comes to disposing of the plastic bag, please send it to us and we will dispose of it in an ethical way. See our plastic policy on our website for more information. Our postal address is below.

We need your help

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