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3. Get ready for harvest (about week 3)

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Your mini-farm should be pinning or close to it. If it isn’t don’t worry, every home is different and it may just need a bit more time (see below).

Make sure you are misting it well. Some people move it into a more humid location, like a bathroom for this stage, but the kitchen bench is fine …or any location that’s not too dry!

When and how to harvest:
  • It should be ready to harvest on the 4th or 5th day after starting to pin. It’s not so much about its size.
  • To harvest, we usually just pull out the entire cluster by hand. Pull off the ones that look ready, others may need a day or two more.
  • Greys: It’s a little easier to tell if the Grey’s are ready. The caps will flatten out and start to curl up.
  • Pinks: With the Pinks, its a little more difficult to tell, as the caps are usually already turned up. But you should gain experience to guide later harvests.
  • Spore: You will want to avoid them getting to the sporing stage which is usually day 4 or 5 after pinning. You can tell if they have spored if you see very fine dust that may appear sticky if you’ve sprayed it with water. It may also be on the caps of the mushrooms below it. Use a damp cloth to carefully clean up without disturbing it. It is only at this stage that it is an issue, the rest of the time it is clean. Note: some people like asthmatics may find the spore irritating, and some people may be allergy’s may get mild hay fever-type symptoms. 
Recipe Research

Now would be a great time to find some great and hopefully new recipes. We have recipes on our website or just try googling.


If you have the time, please also let us know the weight of your harvests. It’s important data for us. Every home is different and every mini farm is unique, so it’s hard for us to predict what type of yield you will get, so this information helps us to set an expectation for others.


If it has not started pinning you could try popping it outside for a few evenings and bring it back inside for warmth. A bit of a cool shock is what it may need as it will think ‘winter is coming’ and hurry alone.