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May 14, 2020

What Size should I get? what's the yield?

Generally, the yield will be up to you! however, a good rule of thumb is half the bag weight, so a 4 kg bag should deliver 2kg
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We sell the mini-farms based on the weight of the bag. This will have an influence on its overall yield. It’s hard to predict (in grams) what this will be as this will be dictated by your growing environment and in you developing your skills at growing.

What size should I get?

We use a hunger guide as a rule of thumb:

  • 5kg mini-farm will provide for a couple of BIG mushroom lovers, Plant-based eaters, or a small family
  • 4kg mini farm is good for a hungry couple, or a single mushroom lover or a plant-based eater.
  • 3kg mini farm is good for a single person, or a couple of occasional mushroom eaters.

What will be the yield?

Ultimately this will be up to you. However, we use Bio-efficiency as a metric to determine the potential of yield. This is based on the weight of its dry material. This represents half the weight of the bag.

  • For example, a 4kg bags dry weight is 2kg. The other 2kg is water.

This means a yield of 2kg of mushrooms (from 2kg dry weight) over the life of the bag would be a bio efficiency of 100% - and that's probably a good number to aim for. With more care you will get more, or without much care, you may get a little less.

Value: how this compares to the price of fresh mushrooms

Whatever size you choose, we have tried to price it so that your potential yield (over the life of the bag) works out at about $20 per kilo of fresh mushrooms. If you are a keen farmer you will do even better. By comparison, fresh Oysters retail at about $60kg and shiitake at $80.

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