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September 17, 2020

Build a humidi-crib (our mushroom growing container)

Looking for a place or grow your mushrooms? Here's a cheap and simple solution. Bonus, as a mini greenhouse you can also use it to grow shoots or microgreens!

Are you struggling to think of a great place to grow your mushrooms? Here's a simple mini greenhouse that you can assemble in about 20Min from cheap parts available from Bunnings or at The Warehouse.

Bonus, you can also use it to grow sprouts, just sprinkle the seeds into the perlite.

What you will need.

  1. A large plastic container - like this 112 litre one from the warehouse Cost $28
  2. A Small USB fan, like this one from the warehouse, Cost $5 (not really required for Shiitake)
  3. A Timer. Get a manual one with increments of 15minutes. Here's an example from Bunnings Cost $8. You will also need a USB plug. An old phone one would do. (not required for Shiitake)
  4. Bag of Perlite, from a garden centre. Heres some from Bunnings Cost $8.50
  5. A Means of cutting the plastic. You may have your own tools and method. I recommend a set of drill hole saw attachments like these. Make sure to put a block of wood under the plastic when drilling, else the plastic (it's brittle) may crack or shatter. Also, make sure the largest hole saw will fit the diameter of the fan.
  6. Some Fly Mesh


  1. Drill a large hole for the fan. Make sure it's on a flat surface of the container. The end wall of the container is best.
  2. Mount the fan. If you can, unscrew the grill of the fan, and use this to clamp the fan into the hole. I.e. Fan on one side of the hole, grill on the other. Screw back together! Have the fan blow air inwards. (Not required for Shiitake)
  3. Drill vent holes. The air that the fan pushes in, will need to vent out. With one of the smaller hole saw bits, or a large drill bit, put some holes on the opposite side of the container. For Shiitake drill vent holes all around the container.
  4. Add perlite and water. Put the bag in the bottom, and add about 1.5 litres of water. The Perlite is a volcanic rock like pumice, it acts to tremendously increase the surface area of the water so will increase the evaporation/humidity. Check the water level and add more as required.
  5. Setup the electricals. Set the timer to run 15 minutes every hour and attach it via the USB adapter to the fan.
  6. Make it bug proof: Tape the fly mesh over the vent holes. This serves two purposes. It will help keep fungus gnats out and will catch spores if you harvest too late.


  1. You don't need to run the fan when the bag mushroom farm is dormant. But should be run while it's growing else the mushrooms will grow to look like baby octopuses.
  2. Make sure to add water as it gets low.
  3. Place the mini farm on a little base, so that it's not sitting in the water.
  4. Block or diffuse the airflow from the fan so it's not directed at the mini farm. If it's too strong it may dry it out. One of our customers mounted the circular piece of plastic from the hole and mounted it in front of the grill to diffuse the airflow.
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